USED Ifor Williams GH1054-BT Plant Trailer (Beaver Tail)

£1,850 +VAT


  • £1,850 +VAT
  • Reg Number: 590848

USED Ifor Williams GH1054-BT Plant Trailer (Beaver Tail)

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Model Details

GH models are of galvanized welded construction with leaf spring suspension ensuring they will withstand tough conditions. Our range comprises of four model options; GH64, GH94, GH94BT and GH1054.The single axle GH64 is compact yet robust providing a neat and convenient trailer that can be towed behind a car, the 1230kg payload is designed for smaller items of plant such as micro-excavators.

The GH94 comes in two versions – most popular is a beavertailled version on 165R13C tyres – known as GH94BT. Also available is a GH94 with a flat bed on 195/55R10C tyres. The Beavertail feature means that the excellent loading angle of 13⁰ is maintained during loading.

A thick resin coated plywood platform (24mm) makes this trailer particularly suitable for carrying rollers as well as excavators. The 2.79m (9’) length it provides ample loading space behind the rear axle. This enables a full range of mini-excavators to be loaded along with machines with a more central centre of gravity, such as hi-tip dumpers.

The GH1054 is only available with a beavertailled feature and offers one of the highest payloads ever produced by Ifor Williams Trailers. With its robust, welded construction and heavily treaded 185/70R13C tyres, the GH1054 is a rugged trailer for demanding conditions.

Key Features

Three self-supporting knife-edge options are available on the GH range.

• The 1.2m (3’9”) full width ramp provides the benefits of a full width ramp and is bevelled to help guide the tracks or wheels of plant being loaded.

• The 1.45m (4’9”) bevelled ramp offers a reduced loading angle of 13° during loading and the ramp is bevelled to help guide the tracks or wheels of plant being loaded.

• The 1.45m (4’9”) sliding skids offers all the benefits of the 1.45m bevelled ramp with further flexibility for easier loading of narrower plant e.g. access platforms.

In addition a fourth option, comprising of 1.2m (3’9”) sliding skids is available for the GH1054 only. This version offers maximum payload.

Model Tyres Gross Weight Unladen Weight Internal Length Internal Width Overall Length Overall Width
GH64 195/55R10C 1500kg 270kg 1.88m/6’1″ 1.23m/4′
GH94 195/55R10C 2700kg 500kg 2.79m/9’1″ 1.31m/4’3″
GH94BT 165R13C 2700kg 530kg 2.79m/9’1″ 1.31m/4’3″
GH1054 185/70R13C 3500kg 660kg 3.04m/9’11” 1.62m/5’4″
GH106 185/70R13C 3500kg 710kg 3045mm/9’11” 1840mm/6′
GH126 185/70R13C 3500kg 765kg 3660mm/12′ 1840mm/6’
GH146 Tri-Axle 185/70R13C 3500kg 910kg 4285mm/14′ 1840mm/6’

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